Thinking About Pompe? It’s Time for Courage and Persistence

The courage and persistence to keep going, past hurdles and obstacles, is powered by purpose, and for one woman living with Pompe disease, her purpose is to overcome barriers to treatment so she can sustain her quality of life.

What is Pompe?

Pompe disease is a neuromuscular disorder, which causes muscle weakness in people of all ages, but the symptoms vary widely from person to person.

And for Allyson Lock, Pompe disease is the reason for traveling over 23,000 miles to find a cure.

That’s because Allyson is a fighter. She won’t simply lie back and succumb. She furiously struggles against the odds. And Allyson is a survivor — her story reminds us to keep going.

What drives us?

Too often, we tend to focus on the problems and difficulties along our path. Maybe we should stop and look for solutions.

Our mind tends to find whatever we are looking for. If we’re seeking out excuses to fail or to justify our decision not to push forward, we’ll find them – in the form of setbacks, constraints, and limitations.

But if we focus on finding a way past any of these restraints and breaking through to the level of success we set out in search of, then magically we discover these solutions.

During one of the worst periods of my career development, I was beset by problems from many different directions.

Each one had the potential to destroy all I had worked hard to build over fifteen years. All of them happened simultaneously!

By choosing to focus on solutions instead of dwelling on my troubles, I found them.

Within a short period of months, everything was back on an even keel—in fact, my career course is better than before.

When this happens, what will we do? Will we just give up? Or will we persist, struggle, and succeed?

A lot of that depends upon our attitude and experience. And a tiny bit depends upon luck or chance.

It’s a new year; let’s roll the dice and ante up!

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