How an MDS Donor Makes Life Better

How do you feel about your life today? Are you living every day in exuberance? Do you love what you’re doing? Are you excited every single moment? Are you looking forward to what’s coming up next? Are you living your best life?

Well, meet Mackenzie Curran a young woman who has a health problem that can lead to leukemia. She lives every day with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a condition in which red blood cells in the bone marrow don’t mature as they’re supposed to.

A Fortunate Plot Twist

Then, one day in November, 2013, an anonymous bone marrow donor was matched to Mackenzie. The gratitude this young woman shares in her story reminds us all that the kindness of strangers can help us live the life we deserve.

Myelodysplastic syndromes are a group of disorders caused by poorly formed or dysfunctional blood cells. They occur when something goes wrong in the bone marrow—the spongy material inside our bones where blood cells are made.

Treatment for myelodysplastic syndromes usually focuses on reducing or preventing complications of the disease.

In certain cases, myelodysplastic syndromes are treated with a bone marrow transplant.

Image result for bone marrow transplant MDS
Bone marrow transplantation is not without its risks, but the benefits can be life saving! [Source: By Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Chad McNeeley (Navy News Service, 021204-N-0696M-180) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]
Mackenzie’s her new lease on life makes me think of goal-setting and all the new prospects for 2017.

Goal Power

A wise man once said a goal not written down is really only a wish. There is power in writing down our goals.

As we write down our goals, our desired accomplishments, and the experiences we want to have in our lives, we will have a clear path to follow.

There will always be things competing for our time and energy. We need to stay on course. When distractions come, we will be able to easily filter them out and keep moving forward.

As Mackenzie’s story reminds us, life is precious. But it can be easy to let the days flow by without exploring what is outside the daily routines of life.

None of us are guaranteed the gift of time, and as such, we should treat every day like a special occasion. Maybe surprise our family members every once in a while with a spontaneous experience that will bring us closer together.

We’ve got options; maybe we should get to it!

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