PHAT with Cushing’s Disease – This Woman Knows How to Rock It!

I’ve been fat before, but when I was back in 2007, I never felt PHAT—as in “pretty hot and tempting.”

So when I read the post about a fabulous, young woman’s quest to find love in the face of having a chronic illness like Cushing’s disease (which causes weight gain), I slurped up every word she wrote! I mean this gal is truly an inspiration and is helping to build community for Cushing’s sufferers. She knows all about suffering, too.

Born into a normal, middle class family, her life changed dramatically when doctors discovered a tumor on her pituitary gland when she was finishing up her last year in high school.

Let’s face it, surgery sucks, but having to endure surgery at such a young age ain’t fair as we all know. It reminds me of what my mom used to tell me: Life is precious, but… the world can also be a cruel place. The vast majority of us have to work. We have to support ourselves. Sometimes we get stuck with something out of left field like cancer, getting fired, someone hacking into our bank account… and we get to choose how we’re going to deal with it—because we can always choose to give up.

BUT this gal is amazing! She despises not being able to control her weight due to Cushing’s disease, and yet, she’s out there, putting herself in the dating arena, dealing with guys who tend to be less than… shall we say “appropriate?” Uh…no! These guys are jerks —and they don’t have diseases that cause weight gain, amongst other problematic issues.

jerk Cushing
I ain’t talking cute kitty jerks, here. I’m talking insensitive louts whose momma’s didn’t teach ’em proper manners! [Source:]
PHAT as a state of mind is fabulous– And I don’t know how she adopted this attitude, but her fearlessness is AWESOME. Are you PHAT too, living with Cushing’s or another rare disease? We’re not talking about porn here… I’d just really like to hear from you how you’ve adopted a strong sense of self, embracing your beauty despite what life has thrown at you.

Alisha Stone

Alisha Stone

Alisha Stone has a BA in psychology and is dedicated to improving the lives of others living with chronic illnesses.

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