Why Treatment for Parkinson’s Excludes Half of the World’s Population

It’s really important to be able to recognize the signs Parkinson’s disease in women.

Most people identify Parkinson’s as an “old man’s illness;” yet thousands of women are diagnosed with Parkinson’s each year. Yes, men are twice as likely to have Parkinson’s, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important for women to know the warning signs.

Men and women are inherently different, especially when it comes to hormones. Estrogen, while it has been studied to protect women against Parkinson’s, has a hand in the severity of symptoms. For instance, if a women is on her period, it’s been reported that her symptoms are far worse.

Let’s take a closer look at what else Parkinson’s reserves for women:

  • Women are more likely to go through depression
  • Treatment targets a male population, making certain options incompatible for a woman’s body
  • Fortunately, women have less trouble sleeping, and do not lose the ability to speak as early

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