Be Inspired Against All Pompe Odds

The brave aren’t fearless. They just do the right thing despite their fear. The same goes for resilience. You might think the truly mentally tough never want to quit, but the truth is perseverance is usually about keeping going even though you really want to stop.

Just like the inspiring motivation of Ismail Patel, the young man who’s not letting Pompe disease stop him from his academic pursuits. Talk about making a pie when life gives you lemons! Read more.

Pompe disease is caused by an underlying problem: an enzyme deficiency that causes a buildup of excess glycogen within muscle cells. However, the resulting muscle weakness can affect many different parts of the body and cause a variety of health problems. In some cases, the initial impact may be very serious and it may worsen rapidly; in others, it will be less extreme and progress more gradually.

So how does Ismail or anyone else living with Pompe disease do it? How do they push on when their health challenges complicate their personal goals?

Life is a funny thing. It seems that it’s always testing us, challenging our resolve, while pushing us to the edge of what seems impossible. Most people look at these setbacks and see them as insurmountable obstacles. However, there are a few people, like Ismail, who come across such problems and ask:

Why not me? Why not now?

These are the people who believe no matter what life throws their way; they will persist and persevere—eventually attaining their goals and objectives.

Developing persistence is a master skill to success. It is easier to relax and do nothing, or just live in our comfort zone, rather than face the uncertainty and discomfort of sailing through our goals. Moreover, the idea of failure and hardship is unbearable.

However, if you want to create change in your life and achieve success, now is the time to develop and master persistence. We can learn a thing or two from Ismail.

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