Have you heard? Mark Your Calendar for this Ovarian Cancer Support Event

June is hectic, with all those weddings and graduations.

July is loud—firecrackers, political conventions, family reunions—and the humidity is stifling.

But August, dear sweet lovely August?

It might just be the most perfect month of the summer. And for anyone living in the Oregon area and looking for a way to support people living ovarian cancer, this fundraising run/walk event may be for you. Check this out.

When it comes to running, I’m not the biggest fan. Actually, I’m a pretty pathetic runner—both physically and mentally. Usually, I would look at a running challenge and think: What’s the purpose of actually doing it other than just getting to the finish line?

But, if asked to raise valuable funds for a cause—a cause like ovarian cancer—that’s something I can get behind… and just maybe derive some self-satisfaction from completing the race itself, too.

My thoughts on running may be pretty shameful to some: Running is boring. It’s hard. It hurts. It’s lonely.

While I don’t think any of these are necessarily good excuses (or altogether true!), I definitely understand it’s not always love at first run for anyone who decides to lace up and hit the pavement.

So, I probably need to pipe down my whiny thoughts and focus on the goal: I can’t underestimate the “feel good” factor. The idea that I’m helping people less fortunate than myself or supporting a worthwhile cause like ovarian cancer can have a powerful effect on my sense of self-worth.

And this may put a little extra gas in my engine for that challenging last mile or so.

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