You’ll Feel All the Feels for TSC Parenting Decisions

Some people can manage tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) with their doctors for years using a watch-and-wait approach until the last and best option—surgery—becomes necessity.

By using the watch-and-wait method, a doctor can monitor the patient’s condition. A patient may or may not take any drugs or undergo any TSC treatment during this period. Watch and wait is one treatment approach used for little Aiden (here’s the full story) from the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Young Aiden’s parents share their perspective on the “watch and wait” approach, “Surgery was mentioned several times since his diagnosis, but we resolved to try and exhaust every other avenue before we would consider it.”

Some parents may feel uncomfortable with this idea.

They know their child may need treatment for tuberous sclerosis complex, but they take their time with the decision to have surgery.

In defense of Aiden’s parents, the “watch-and-wait” approach is the standard of care for people whose disease is not widespread and who have few symptoms and other treatment options.

Parenting Dilemma

How many times have you faced a tough parenting decision and wished you had a tool or process for helping you make that decision?

One ranting thought repeats in my mind: Will my kids always love me for making these tough decisions in order to protect them?
Definitive answer: No!

In fact, they might even despise me for it at some point. But someday, they will appreciate it. Call me overprotective if you want. I have to make the decisions that I think are best for the safety of my kids.

When it’s all said and done, I highly doubt that I’ll regret being too careful.

All the Feels

As I reflect about Aiden’s parents and their journey with TSC, I come to the affirmation: Parenting is full of tough choices!

Those choices appear before you even become pregnant right on through your child’s adult years. When making tough decisions for your child, you should take as much time as possible and use your instincts as much as your knowledge. After all, only you truly know your child best.

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