Evidation Health Wants to Make Medical Research Easier Than Ever

Because you’re often most symptomatic outside of the doctor’s office


Evidation Health’s goal is to make it easier for you to share your symptoms with the professionals who most need to know.

Their program, in partnership with others, enables patients to contribute data to research that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to share. The thing is, you live with your illness 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You understand the little variations in the way you feel, and the nuances of your symptoms better than anyone else. The seemingly small changes you experience can be instrumental for research but they sometimes don’t happen when you’re in the doctor’s office. Evidation Health was founded to try to harness these essential pieces of data. They understand the reality of the fact that you’re often most symptomatic in your daily life, not during your doctor’s appointments.

Being able to share the symptoms you feel outside of the medical center, provides physicians and researchers a more holistic view of your illness. But, there hasn’t really been a platform to share this information before Evidation Health.

The company has created what they call a “healthcare ecosystem”. Its goal is to solidify the web between patients, physicians, and researchers. This web becomes stronger the more information flows through it, and the most vital of this information comes from you- the patient. Once the information is in the web, medical professionals are able to quantify it. All you have to do is keep the system up to date on how you are doing. And sometimes, all you have to do is wear a recording device.

Researchers, and we, as patients, can learn from the aggregation and analysis of the many data points submitted. For instance, a recent study looked at the sleep and weight patterns of over 6,000 people who used fitness trackers. They found there was a significant association between episodes of restless sleep and weight gain. This certainly is a clue that if we are working on weight issues, we also should make sure we’re working on addressing sleep issues.

Evidation partners with digital health companies, providers, health care systems, payers, pharma, biotech companies, and employers to create the most expansive network possible. The medical community is huge, and necessarily so. Every single person is an important part of the puzzle, and communication between all of the different pieces is essential. But let’s face it, communication isn’t always the first thing on our minds

The take away is this: sharing details about how you feel, your opinions on medication timing, and/or various biometrics, may prove very beneficial to you, and simultaneously be incredibly valuable to medical research.

And if you’re a researcher, it may be time to start thinking about connecting with your patients in different ways.

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