This Amazing Preschool Teacher Donated Her Kidney to Her Student with MPA


A year after 4-year-old Lyla was diagnosed with microscopic polyangiitis (MPA) in 2015, the disease became so advanced that she was placed on dialysis for 12 hours a day.

Her future looked bleak, to say the least, and her family was losing hope. She was waiting for a new kidney but hadn’t found a match. The transplant process is long, frustrating, and often disheartening.

Beth, who worked at Lyla’s preschool, heard the news of her condition. While she wasn’t her teacher, she did know Lyla, and her heart melted hearing her plight. Beth said she had a gut feeling that she may be able to be her donor. She just felt like she would be a match, and she already knew she would be willing to make the sacrifice.

So, she made the decision to get tested. Lo and behold, she was classified as an eligible donor!

Ecstatic, she called Lyla’s mother into the school to tell her the news. But to have some fun, she framed the meeting as a way to inform another teacher about Lyla’s condition. The school captured the whole thing on video and Lyla’s mother’s reaction is priceless. You can watch it here.

Lyla’s relationship with her donor is heartwarming, to say the least. Beth says Lyla always holds her hand. Even at 4, she understands what Beth did for her. Lyla’s mom calls Beth a part of the family, and she will always physically be a part of her daughter’s life.

By sharing their story, Lyla’s family hopes to spread awareness about the importance of organ donation, specifically living organ donation. And, of course, MPA. Lyla was incredibly lucky, and there are plenty of other children out there hoping for a little luck to shine their way.




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