Two Potential Treatments for Psoriatic Arthritis You Need to Watch

The Annual European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR) press conference showcased two very promising treatment options for psoriatic arthritis (PsA).

Both treatments show promise in limiting the inflammation associated with the disease. The first study was recently examined in a phase 3 clinical trial. It’s an anti-TNF treatment called tofacitinib. Within just two weeks the drug was showing positive results in patients with psoriatic arthritis who had never previously taken an anti-TNF medication.

The trial continued for 12 months, and upon its completion, it showed the same results. Safety between the tofacitinib group and the placebo group proved equal, and no unanticipated safety risks were found.

Researchers think this drug, once approved, will be especially beneficial to psoriatic arthritis patients because it comes in the form of a pill as opposed to an injection.

The second study was in its second phase. It looked at the potential benefits guselkumab could have for psoriatic arthritis patients who face skin issues as a result of the disease. Within 4 weeks, a positive response was visible. By 24 weeks, 40% of patients on guselkumab had completely clear skin.

Adverse effects documented in participants of the study were fairly equal between those taking the drug and the placebo group. This study should be moving into a phase 3 trial soon.

Keep an eye out on both of these treatments, as both are looking very promising for this community.

Not only do they appear to be reducing symptoms of psoriatic arthritis, they are improving patients quality of life.

Read more about the trials in Science Daily here!

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