A Hypereosinophilic Syndrome Inspiration: Read This Woman’s Story

Not only does Pamela Looney have hypereosinophilic syndrome (HES), she also has asthma and has suffered from a tumor.

At only 15, the sudden development of this tumor severely affected both of her legs. However, she slowly learned to walk again and by 18 she could move with the help of crutches. By 23, she was able to ditch the crutches, but it wasn’t instant smooth-sailing for her.

Not only did Pamela still face some physical difficulties getting around because of her experience with the tumor (recovery is a very long process), she also faced challenges because of her lungs. The combination of a bleeding disorder that affects breathing ability AND asthma, made an active future look bleak for Pamela.

But she was determined.

She remembered playing sports growing up, and all of the positive experiences she had throughout that time of her life. She didn’t want to let any of her diagnoses dictate the lifestyle she wanted to have.

She became a volunteer with Cork City Hospital’s Children’s Club and got a job at Cork University Hospital. She became active. She’s defied the odds. And now she’s fully surpassing anyone’s expectations- She decided to start working out on top of it all.

Three times a week she’s seeing a personal trainer at a gym and she’s made incredible progress. The first few times she went she found it difficult to keep her balance while doing a lunge. Now, she’s completing a full exercise regimen. It’s empowered her and inspired everyone around her.

Watch her full story by visiting facebook.com/DanSweeneyHealthFitness/videos/ and searching “Pamela”, or read about it here!

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