Temperatures Up, Research Up: Summer Months Bring Hot Advancements for Amyloidosis Research

If you think this summer is hot, last summer was on fire for amyloidosis advancements and support.

Our partner, The Amyloidosis Foundation produces a seasonal newsletter for all those interested in finding out what is new and upcoming in the community.

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Amyloidosis is a condition where an abnormal protein called amlyoid builds up in a person’s tissues and organs. This condition can be treated, but not cured, and it can be fatal. Around 4,000 people develop the condition each year in the U.S.

Last May, friends, family, and wife of Tres Heald wanted to do something special in remembrance of his life. He lost his fight with the disease in 2015. In May of the following year, his friends and brother ran in the Orange County Half Marathon in honor of him. Their goal was to raise money for research. They raised a whopping $10,700, and every dime went to the Amyloidosis Foundation.

The foundation’s newsletter also gives information about events and benefits intended to raise money for research.

For those who do not like marathon running, there is an event or way to get involved for everyone. There are banquets mentioned, as well as the Annual Amyloidosis Foundation Golf Outing.

The newsletter also lists several programs that help patients and their families. This includes webinars on the foundation website, pamphlets with facts and information, an up-to-date website, a toll-free number for patients/caregivers/physicians, and a list of experienced physicians.

They even have Amyloidosis Foundation support group meetings.

Those interested can connect with the foundation in several ways, including the website. You can also find the foundation on Facebook and Twitter @Amyliodoisisfdn.

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