This Photographer is Showing the World the Beauty in Psoriatic Disease

Photographer Martin Schoeller has partnered with Olympic medalist and renowned author Dara Torres for the Show More of You campaign for psoriatic disease, sponsored by Celegene Corporation and Otezla® tablets.

Psoriatic disease can manifest in different ways, most commonly, in plaque psoriasis. However, there is also a rare form of psoriasis called guttate psoriasis, and a debilitating complication of the disease, psoriatic arthritis.

This campaign is centered around shining light on these types of psoriatic disease – whether the common plaque form, the rare guttate form, or psoriatic arthritis – to empower and show beauty in the people that live with the red, scaly psoriasis plaques and pain every day.

Hopefully, this campaign will also help to foster awareness for all types of psoriatic disease, and the physical, mental, and emotional struggles that come with it.

Martin Schoeller is an award winning photographer, and he says,

“I came to learn in the course of this project that it isn’t always easy for people living with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis to show who they truly are. I hope these portraits capture the authenticity of each individual, bring out their inner strength and out beauty, and encourage others not to fear the spotlight.”

Source: Pixabay

Apparently, Dana Torres itself had many of the same insecurities and struggles as others with psoriasis carry, but she refused to let this embarrassment or fear of being in a pool in a bathing suit keep her from doing what she loved. Now, she has 12 Olympic medals and is spearheading the Show More of You campaign, which is now in its second year.

She is truly an inspiration for others who have put their lives on hold for psoriasis.

To check out Schoeller’s powerful portraits, learn more about the campaign, and to share your own inspirational photos of your true self, click here.

To read more about this successful collaboration and the work that is being done, click here.

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