Psoriasis Isn’t Contagious, But Awareness Is

Even though August is officially Psoriasis Awareness Month, Healthline recently put together a list of the top online advocates in the psoriasis community that are bringing awareness all year.
Here are the five best from that list and a little bit about them:
  1. Just a Girl with Spots, Joni Kazantzis

Joni was diagnosed with both plaque and guttate psoriasis at the relatively young age of 15. Although she was self-conscious of her disease as a young adult, she has since become much more confident, committed to not letting psoriasis define who she is. Joni uses this blog to empower others, offer stories, and provide information and awareness that psoriasis is not “just a skin condition.”

  1. Psoriasis Psucks, Sarah

Sarah has had visible guttate and plaque psoriasis on her since she was five years old, and now, after years of worrying about and educating herself on her skin, she decided to create this blog, “for people who have psoriasis and people who love people who have psoriasis.” The beauty of this blog is how it is so uncensored and full of dry humor, but at the same time, also so comforting and supportive. In this way, Sarah has truly created a space that makes living with psoriasis a little bit easier.

  1. The Itch to Beat Psoriasis, Howard Chang

Howard was diagnosed with psoriasis and eczema over three decades ago, and now, he volunteers for the Northern California division of the National Psoriasis Foundation and blogs about psoriasis. His articles range from personal to advice, including tips for taking charge of your treatment, but they are all uplifting and straight from the heart.

  1. My Skin and I, Simon Jury

After releasing his feelings on psoriasis, Simon has since come to the conclusion that his disease is, actually, his mutant superpower. He has also since deemed his cat, Bob, the unofficial mascot of psoriasis awareness. It is with this wimsy and positivity that he takes charge of his life and encourages others to do the same, whether by getting into some serious moments, tongue in cheek, or straight-up craziness that refers to Psoriasis as a person who talks back.

  1. It’s Just a Bad Day, Not a Bad Life, Julie Cerrone

Julie was officially diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2012, but she has had many other health ups and downs throughout her life so far. Despite these, she focuses on managing her disease(s) with a holistic healing method that involves meditation, yoga, and an “elimination diet.” It is with this method that she maintains an impeccable positive outlook and provides her readers with numerous resources so that they can do the same.

Connecting with others who live with psoriasis, even if it is just online, can help motivate and encourage you, as well as offer support and inspiration. If you have any form of psoriatic disease, I encourage you to click on the above links to these blogs to help give you strength to cope with it, and even if you do not have psoriasis, I still encourage you to click on these links to see this disease from the points of view of others.
Psoriasis isn’t contagious through a computer screen or in real life, but awareness sure is.

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