This Guide is a Must-Have for Down Syndrome Caregivers!

Most people do not enjoy going to the dentist, but for patients with down syndrome, this normal task is even more of an ordeal.
Patients often have a difficult time adequately communicating their dental problems and the amount of pain that they are in, and to make matters worse, there are many unusual dental problems that are commonly seen in patients with down syndrome, from malformed teeth to delayed eruption, that require prompt and thorough care.

On top of all of these issues, down syndrome patients often have an amplified fear of the dentist, especially if they do not understand what is happening. Caregivers of these patients face many questions, from how to find the right dentist to if sedation is necessary.

Needless to say, dental care for down syndrome patients is extremely overwhelming for everyone involved, but fortunately, Emergency Dentists’ Dental Care Blog has recently come out with an all-inclusive guide for caregivers of patients with down syndrome.

This online pamphlet covers advocacy to home care and everything in between, and even points its readers in the direction of additional resources that they can use. Furthermore, it also looks at some of the common dental issues seen in patients with down syndrome, so caregivers may have an idea of what kind of problems to expect in the future. Even if you have concerns on your child’s equipment requirements, or just want to know how to best prepare for the dentist appointment, this guide has got you covered!

You can access this online guide by clicking here.
It is surely a must-have guide to practically answer any question regarding down syndrome dental care that may spring to mind!
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