Robot Goes to School for Boy with Rare Disease

The future is now. A small robot called AV1 will allow a sick boy to experience the classroom from home.

When you’re diagnosed with a rare disease, it’s hard to imagine that you are among so few in the world to suffer from it, almost as if you were hand picked. In the case of Keir Wallace, he is one two people in the UK and 27 in the world that suffers with autoinflammatory disease FCAS2. This disease causes horrible pain in the joints that prevent Keir from attending school.

Now, Keir is gearing up to send the AV1 robot to attend class in his place. The droid would allow him to experience class with its 360-degree eyes and with a loudspeaker microphone, he could even interact with his classmates.
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At the press of a tablet’s control panel, he would essentially be raising his hand to communicate with the teacher. In the classroom, the droid would flash lights indicating that he wants to answer a question.
It’s an almost humorous site and Keir has accepted that by running with it. He dressed the robot with his St. John’s R.C. uniform tie. If he undergoes pain, he just has to sit back and watch class unfold.

“The robot allows Keir to keep in touch with his friends outside of school as well as attend classes,” John Wallace, Keir’s dad, said. “It means that he’s able to see and speak to everyone that he normally wouldn’t be able to when off from school.”

The robot doesn’t have a screen so nobody could see Keir if he should experience any pain. That freedom and privacy will be essential in the learning experience. His family is trying to help fund the robot so that there could be more like it for other people suffering with similar problems.

This little bot was developed by Norwegian company, No Isolation, to help educate children who don’t have the opportunity to go to class. It can be controlled via an app.

The robots cost over $3,000 plus an $120 fee for the 4G data link. That seems like a fair price for something straight out of a cheesy 80’s sci-fl flick. To read more from Fox News, click here.

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