Author Uses Funny Fiction to Fight Hemochromatosis

One author is using laughter to raise awareness about Hemochromatosis, or Iron Overload Disorder. It’s in the form of a book titled, “The Unexpected Consequences of Iron Overload: A Paranormal, Romantic, Spoof Thriller” by James Minter, which you can preview here.

Minter shares the adventures of Jimmy Kavanaugh, a man unknowingly living with hemochromatosis. Since childhood, the main character knew something was different about him, but just couldn’t put his finger on it. Instead of the usual symptoms associated with hemochromatosis, Jimmy experiences oxidization, stronger than normal bones, and the ability to become magnetized.

And, like many good plots, there is a love interest involved. Cue Barbara. Jimmy saves his lovely lady in a daring event. That’s when he learned that he could alter how magnetized he is.

But, plot twist! The CIA and KGB, the security agency for the Soviet Union, are now hot on Jimmy’s trail. If that wasn’t enough pressure for one guy, he comes across another lady with hemochromatosis—but her inner-magnet has reversed poles! Will opposites attract?

In real life, the author was greatly affected by hemochromatosis. He lost his mother, father, and sister early. The chairman of the Haemochromatosis Society in the U.K. wrote the forward, and the book is dedicated to everyone living with iron overload disorder—knowingly or unknowingly.

Want to see what’s in store for Jimmy Kavanaugh? Check out a preview of the book here!

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