New Insomnia Treatment Could Help You With the Zzz’s

Do you ever find yourself tossing and turning in bed for several nights in a row? You might just have a lot on your mind or you might be suffering from insomnia.

This insomnia research project will take a deep look at an alternate method of treatment labeled as Intensive Sleep Retaining (ISR).The project is looking for real chronic insomniacs who have the option to try it from the comfort of their own beds.
At Flinders University, researchers have proven that ISR could enhance sleep and an overall health and wellness when undergone in a sleep laboratory.

Flinders University research has already been shown that ISR can improve sleep and general well-being of insomnia sufferers when it is administered in a sleep laboratory. This low-level experiment will act as a proof of concept for ISR that was kickstarted by Professor Leon Lack. Professor Lack is a pioneer in the field of sleep research.

If it works, this approach will offer insomniacs cheaper and more practical ways of getting treatment.

“Generally, insomniacs try to increase their sleep opportunity rather than decrease it. Unfortunately, this usually results in more time awake in bed worrying about being awake,” says Professor Lack.

Professor Lack invented a cutting edge tracking device that could be worn during sleep called THIM. This device trains insomniac’s brains to help them sleep again. Among the other insomnia researchers on the project are Andrew Mair, Master Clinical Psychology Candidate, Flinders University and Dr Jeremy Mercer.

Flinders University has financed the project and there will be zero cost for the participation.

After a phone interview, participants will be selected among a large group to experience a night of sleep intervention in their own homes. If this is successful, those suffering from the verey rare Fatal Familial Insomnia, may have a potential treatment to look forward to.

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