Be Kind to Your Kidneys in Just a Few Steps to Help Prevent CKD

Have you ever really considered everything your kidneys do? Can’t recall that Biology 101 class, huh? When you have a rare disease like amyloidosis, the danger of developing chronic kidney disease is ever present.
So, here’s a quick refresher on how to show your kidneys some love and help avoid developing chronic kidney disease (CHK), according to an online article from World Kidney Day.

First, a quick biology lesson. Your kidneys are shaped like, well, kidney beans. They’re located below the rib cage. That’s the kidneys in your body, not the beans that we eat. Unless you’re into horror movies and that’s a completely different kind of blog. Kidneys filter waste products from our blood and excrete those wastes through urination. The kidneys filter about 200 quarts of blood each day and make about 1 to 2 quarts or urine.

In general, the kidneys do an excellent of filtering wastes, unless they’ve been compromised by an injury or disease. When the kidneys are damaged by chronic kidney disease, fluids and wastes accumulate in our body and can cause serious health concerns. Here are a few steps to consider to help make life better for your kidneys, and ultimately, you:

  1. Stay fit and keep active—When you’re active, you help control your blood pressure and reduce the risk of CKD
  2. Eat healthily and watch your waistline—By reducing your salt intake and eating fresh ingredients, you can help reduce your caloric intake.
  3. Drink lots of water—Water helps flush the kidneys of wastes and toxins and can help cut down the risk of kidney stones.
  4. Quit smoking—Smoking influences the blood flow to the kidneys and can make kidney disease worse.

To help keep kidney disease at bay may require some lifestyle changes, but in the end, your kidneys will thank you. To read more steps to help have healthier kidneys, click here.

What healthy changes have you made to help avoid chronic kidney disease? Let us know today.

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