Jacob’s Journey Comes to an End

A five-year-old boy who spent the majority of his life battling neuroblastoma can now rest in peace.

Jacob Jones passed away at a hospice with his mother and father sitting by his bedside.

Jacob was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when he was just 2-years-old, but was still able to carry on smiling as much as he could.

Neuroblastoma is a rare form of cancer that develops from immature nerve cells in tissues, beginning in the adrenal glands and working its way toward the abdomen, chest, neck and spine. It usually affects children five years old or younger. To learn more, click here.

Jacob’s parents announced that he would be joining “all the other little soldiers who bravely fought neuroblastoma.”

A week before his death, he was energetically playing football with his cousins. His parents posted a loving tribute and photo in the Jacob’s Journey Facebook page.

Before he was officially diagnosed, Jacob had been experiencing swelling around his ear and jawline. At first, medical professionals thought he might be suffering from an ear infection, but the swelling persisted. After giving him an ultrasound, they all discovered the tragic truth of the diagnosis. They immediately put him under serious treatment.

His remission was short-lived and he quickly fell into relapse in April of last year. He was no stranger to chemo, radiotherapy and immunotherapy and underwent the procedures bravely. His parents had been trying to raise money for a more effective clinical trial in the US, but he wasn’t eligible.

It was revealed on November 30th that he may have a couple of weeks left to live after his last viable treatment option fell through. He spent his final days in Little Havens Hospice in Essex.

Jacob’s death comes a month after the death of Bradley Lowery who also died from neuroblastoma in Britain.

In a Facebook post, the Bradley Lowery Foundation had wrote:

“So upsetting to here about Jacob, RIP Superhero, you put up such a good fight but the awful disease has won again. I’m sending all my love to the family at this awfully sad time. Fly high with the angels and have plenty of fun with Bradley.”

Read more about Jacob’s story and the fight for other like him in Solving Kids Cancer here, or in the Bradley Lowery Foundation here.

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