How You Can Help the Canadian Fabry Association

The Canadian Fabry Association wants to create awareness for rare diseases and you can help!

They want to get as many people to wear a Be Rare Be You tattoo around the world and to sport them on Rare Disease Day. They also want to spread empowerment to own your life story, as we are all Rare in our own way!

Join the campaign by: Stirring up some excitement at your next patient meeting, race, or event and have everyone wear a Be Rare Be You Tattoo. Or, by buying them for your Board Members to wear and share on Rare Disease Day.

Fundraising opportunity: Interested in a quick and easy fundraising campaign? You and your organization can sell them to university students, interested companies, sports teams, other non-profit organizations, and industry partners!

Here’s how it works: The CFA is selling them for $10.00/pack of 2 tattoos and is offering a discounted rate to other non-profit organizations at $5.00/pack of 2 tattoos! Thus, creating a fundraising opportunity for your organization to also sell them at $10.00 to supporting sponsors, industry partners, etc. More details below!

Order Online @
Patient/Family/Student Discount: $5.00 Pack of 2
Regular: $10.00 Pack of 2
(Markdown offered on bulk orders)

A Message from the CFA:

We are all rare in our own way… we all have a story and individually, we are unique.  You can find beauty in uniqueness if you own your story – if you simply be YOU. Temporary on the skin, deep-rooted on the Soul.

Manifestation tattoos can have a profound effect on us by acting as a reminder of our intentions. As you put on this tattoo, let it act as a reminder to own your life. Be rare, and be the very best version of yourself.

Our tattoos are safe, non-toxic, and last between 3-7 days. They make a great gift, can be used to empower any campaign or conference, and bring inspiration to a classroom. Whether you or someone you love is suffering from a rare disease, or just trying to refocus on being true to who you are, these tattoos can be used boundlessly.

All proceeds go to the Canadian Fabry Association. Share the ink and spread the message… Be Rare. Be YOU.

Share Your Tattoo

Share your tattoo widely, as well as tag and post on any of our social media platforms and use the hashtag #BeRareBeYou.

Facebook: Canadian Fabry Association
Instagram: Canadian Fabry Association
Twitter: @CdnFabry

EVENT: Rare Disease Day – February 28, 2018

Rare diseases affect 1/12 individuals. Help the CFA launch our Be Rare. Be You campaign by sharing the tattoos with your employer, friends, family, and community to show your support, and empower your soul.

Help spread awareness for rare diseases, turn it into a fundraiser, share it globally on social media platforms, and join the empowering Be Rare Be You Campaign!

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