Wear Purple Today for Neuroblastoma Awareness Day!

Start a conversation – and look a little snazzy while doing so! – by wearing purple today (February 2nd) to raise aware for neuroblastoma.

Neuroblastoma is a rare cancer that forms from immature nerve cells in nerve tissue, usually beginning in the adrenal glands because they have similar origins to nerve cells. Neuroblastoma can also develop in other areas of the abdomen and In the chest, neck, and near the spine, where groups of nerve cells exist. To learn more about neuroblastoma, click here.
It most often affects children who are five years old or younger – which is an extra important reason why we should spread a little awareness.

So what are some things you can do?

  1. Educate yourself and/or educate others about this rare form of cancer. It’s important to know more about this deadly, child-affecting disease.
  2. Pass along this important resource about screening for neuroblastoma.
  3. Be aware of resources that are available – including: St. Jude’s Hospital, KidsHealth.org, and the American Cancer Society.
  4.  And of course – wear purple!
These little steps help raise awareness and start a conversation about this rare disease – and when it comes to fighting rare diseases, awareness is one of the best tools!

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