5 Things You Should Know if You Have Hemochromatosis… and Also Eat Food

Making big changes to your eating plan can present a challenge for some. Now, factor in having hemochromatosis—a rare condition characterized by the buildup of iron—and you’ve got the ingredients for a truly difficult diet.

The good news is that those living with hemochromatosis can benefit from some adjustments to their daily eating habits. Check out these five suggestions from The San Diego Union-Tribune.

  1. The experts suggest staying away from alcohol in large quantities. An illustration of above-average use equals four glasses of beer or wine each day. Alcohol is linked to the risk of cirrhosis of the liver in those living with hemochromatosis. It was also found that social drinking on occasion might not affect the risk.
  2. Large vitamin C doses are discouraged. While regularly eating fruits and veggies with vitamin C is okay, taking supplements containing the vitamin is not a good idea.
  3. Certain uncooked seafood may contain bacteria that thrive in iron-rich environments. Doctors warn hemochromatosis patients to stay away from these types of foods.
  4. The experts also warn against foods with a high animal fat content. The unbound iron and fat can combine, causing free-radical action. This can present a problem for cells and DNA.
  5. Say yes to grains, nuts, beans, and rice. Fiber encourages healthy digestion and impedes upon non-heme iron absorption.

That’s just scratching the tip of healthy eating with hemochromatosis, though. Read the original article in its entirety! Do you have any tips or recipes for healthy eating with hemochromatosis? Share them!

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