Author Emma Hannigan Leaves a Legacy of Inspiration

Author Emma Hannigan passed away March 3rd 2018. Hannigan led a life of strength and dignity, persevering through her cancer diagnosis. Her husband, Cian, left a touching tribute to his wife that showcases that. Keep reading to learn more about Emma, her battle, and her character. Follow the original story here for additional details.

Emma’s husband describes her as his “wife and soul mate.” She was the mother of beautiful children, provided friendship to many people, and thousands were inspired by her. She was “the epitome of strength, love and generosity, beyond anything I have ever known,” her husband says.

After an 11-year fight with cancer, Emma passed away on Saturday the third of March. Knowing she hadn’t much time left, Emma turned her attention to charity work. She raised funds for Breast Cancer Ireland. Her efforts, combined with her fans, resulted in the raising of over 100,000 euros (about 123,000 US dollars) for Brest Cancer Ireland. Emma believed it was never too late to have a big dream.

Another dream came true as the author’s last novel became a number one best seller. The novel sold over 4,000 copies as of this writing, becoming Ireland’s bestselling title by almost a factor of three. The books publisher, Dubray Books, donated all profits from Emma’s novel to the Irish Cancer Society.

Emma received the first news of her cancer when doctors identified the BRCA 1 gene she carried. They gave her an 85% chance of developing breast cancer and a 50% chance to develop ovarian cancer. To read more about BRCA-related breast cancer, click here.

In 2006, Emma underwent preventative surgery. A double mastectomy and the removal of her ovaries and fallopian tubes brought her cancer risk down to only five percent. Despite these measures and estimates, Emma faced a cancer diagnosis in 2007. She fought it with bravery for the rest of her life.

Emma published a formidable list of novels including Designer Genes, Miss Conceived, The Pink Ladies Club, Keeping Mum, Perfect Wives, Driving Home for Christmas, The Summer Guest, The Heart of Winter, The Secrets We Share and memoir, Talk to the Headscarf. Her most recent novel, the bestselling hit in Ireland, is Letters to my Daughters.

Emma’s husband, Cian, assisted his wife all along the way. He supported her not only through cancer but also in the everyday and in her efforts to campaign for charitable causes. He provided ways for Emma to get her message out, and often posted on her behalf to continue raising awareness and support for the causes Emma championed.

Besides being the image of strength, Cian also describes his wife as his “guiding star,” and a constant support. She will be missed, but her influence will be felt for years to come.

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