Biomedical Company Announces Positive Results for New Treatment for Uveitis

Clearside Biomedical recently developed a new treatment for impaired vision. The drug, tested in a group with uveitis, succeeded not only in treating symptoms of disease, but also resulted in sizable stock increases for Clearside. Keep reading to learn more, or follow the original story here.

According to information received Monday, Clearside Biomedical succeeding in testing a new drug that improves vision. The treatment received testing in cases of fluid-buildup in the eye. The build-up impairs vision, and Clearside’s drug seems to solve the problem based on the results from a late-stage study.

Clearside Biomedical refers to the drug as suprachoroidal CLS-TA. In tests, a standard appears to have been the number of letters a patient could read on an exam. 15 letters represents an important threshold for the tests.

According to results form Clearside, 47% of patients treated with suprachoroidal CLS-TA read 15 letters or more. This compares favorably to the 16% of patients who read 15 letters when treated with placebo.

Testing for suprachoroidal CLS-TA targeted patients with macular edema. Macular edema occurs as a result of fluids building up in a part of the eye called the macula. The most prominent resulting symptom is a distortion of vision.

Specifically, the study focused on a form of macular edema connected to the ocular inflammation known as uveitis. Uveitis refers to an inflammation of the eye affecting the uvea. Symptoms include light sensitivity, blurry vision, pain, and loss of vision. A variety of stimuli may cause uveitis, and it is often connected to other conditions and diseases. For more information on this uveitis, click here.

Clearside reports that it will next seek to file with US regulatory agencies. The company expects to submit its application sometime during the fourth quarter.

Clearside also declared that more information on the study it has conducted would be shared at an upcoming medical conference.

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