UK Family Travels to The Netherlands To Find Treatment For Their Daughter With Dravet Syndrome

According to BelfastLive, Darren and Danielle Gibson, the parents of little six-year-old Sophia battling Dravet syndrome, traveled out of the country in search of the care she needs. For the last few years the family has been working hard to get her the attention and medication she needs to fight this disease, but sadly, they haven’t found the support they need for her. The couple has realized if they don’t take action, they might lose her sooner than later. Instead of waiting, they made a decision to take a risky trip to the Netherlands in hopes to find answers.
Dravet syndrome is a rare and aggressive disease that results in frequent, intense seizures. Sophia suffers from daily seizures, often requiring a trip to the hospital to be treated. There is no cure for the disease and few options for treatment, but it’s been reported that medicinal cannabis has shown positive results for several children suffering from the disease.

The Gibsons are on a mission to get this treatment since authorities in the UK will not make an exception and allow them access to medicinal THC, an active ingredient in cannabis. They’ve stood up to health officials, politicians and Trust directors but no one in the last three years has given them any promising news. The family is even unsatisfied with Sophia’s health consultant. Rather than continue to fight the seemingly “unmovable”, they are doing what they know is best and taking action themselves.

Thankfully, the Gibsons have received overwhelming support from friends and family in their community and the support is allowing them to take this risk. Yet, the costs they will face when abroad will be extremely expensive, and continued support is encouraged and appreciated.

If you’d like to donate to this family’s trip to help their daughter get the treatment she needs, click HERE.

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