How Far Would You Go to Stop Cancer? The 100 Mile Race for Osteosarcoma and Cancer Research

How far would you go to stop cancer? Not metaphorically. Literally. Caryn Lubetsky has an answer. It’s the distance between Key Largo and Key west.
Caryn Lubetsky is an attorney, law professor, and mother. She’s also achieved national recognition for running. Caryn finished two Ironman events, and is known as an ultra runner. She’s also a board member of The Childhood Cancer Project. All of these facets of Caryn come together as she fights against osteosarcoma in the KEYS100 Miles Individual Ultra Marathon. Keep reading to learn more or follow the original story here.

In gym class, a mile seems impossible for some people. By adulthood, it seems we are surrounded by the somewhat more daunting 5k-for-charity races, half marathons, and marathons. However, Caryn wasn’t going to stop at that goal– and neither is the Childhood Cancer Project.

Between Saturday May 19th, and Sunday May 20th, the 11th annual KEYS100 Mill Individual Ultra Marathon took place. Athletes were challenged to run the 100 mile distance between Key Largo and Key West in support of childhood cancer research.

The race wasn’t, however, just about going the distance. Caryn set a goal to raise $1,000 for every mile. That put her total fundraising estimate at $100,000, all of which goes to The Childhood Cancer Project. Those willing to sponsor Caryn’s goal were asked to place their names and money in sponsorship of at least one mile, and they collectively passed the fundraising goal.

The Childhood Cancer Project is foundation which was inspired after Joshua Segal was diagnosed with a bone cancer known as osteosarcoma three years ago. It works to develop better and safer cures for children affected by cancer, and continues to support childhood cancer research. Every cent of any donations made to the Childhood Cancer Project go directly towards these goals. Click here to learn more about The Childhood Cancer Project.

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