A Collaborative Clinical Trial Will Evaluate the Effects of CBD Capsules on ALS

CannTrust Holdings Inc. and Australia’s Gold Coast University Hospital will work together to carry out a clinical trial. The study will evaluate CannTrust’s cannabidiol oil capsules as a way to slow down ALS or MND progression. You can view the more detailed source article here, at PR Newswire.

About Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Motor Neurone Disease (MND)

Motor neurone disease (MND) is a term that refers to a group of diseases that all affect a type of nerve called a motor neurone. Motor neurones are in the brain and spinal cord and are involved in relaying information between the brain and muscles. They are important for muscle movement.

In people with MND, these nerves stop functioning properly, which can result in muscle weakness and wasting, and symptoms such as difficulty with leg movements, gripping objects, and speaking, amongst others.

According to the Motor Neurone Disease Association, the name amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is often given to the most common form of MND, although in some cases (especially in the US), ALS is also used as an umbrella term for all forms of the condition.

About the Study

The collaborative study is designed to assess the effectiveness of CannTrust cannabidiol (CBD) oil capsules for slowing the progression of ALS or MND.

The planned study is a randomised, double-blind clinical trial in which patients will either receive CBD oil capsules or a placebo. It is expected to last for six months, and the effects of the capsules will be measured using several factors, including participants’ spasticity, pain, weight loss, and quality of life. The study will also look at the safety of the capsules.

The study lead, Dr Arman Sabet from Gold Coast Hospital, says that the trial “will become the basis for conducting future cannabinoid and ALS clinical trials.”

The study’s drug has been approved by the Research Ethics Board and received the Australian Therapeutic Good Administration Acknowledgement.

Anna Hewitt

Anna Hewitt

Anna is from England and recently finished her undergraduate degree. She has an interest in medicine and enjoys writing. In her spare time she likes to cook, hike, and hang out with cats.

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