Industry First: For-Profit Donates Rights of Potential New Pediatric Leukemia Drug to Non-Profit

Notable Labs

Notable Labs was created after founder, Matt De Silva, felt he was left in a helpless point, following a year of research on treatment options for his father’s Glioblastoma Multiforme. Even though there were clinical trials out there for the disease, no one running the trials could tell him the likelihood of their effectiveness for his father. After Matt couldn’t find answers for his dad, he founded Notable Labs. His goal was to help patients find treatments options for which they have a good chance of response.

If patients were better matched to clinical trials that they are likely to respond to, Matt believes that the benefit would go beyond the individual patient– the cost of clinical trials as a whole would also be significantly reduced. Ultimately, this can mean less expensive drugs and greater options for the patients who desperately need them.

Notable Labs works specifically in cancers and rare conditions which have a high unmet need. Their goal is to determine the best drugs or drug combinations the populations of patients who are currently underserved, and match these treatments to individuals who want to participate in clinical trials. The company’s slogan is “Everyone is Notable,” even those with rare diseases.

Through their lab, they evaluate various drug combinations on rare cancer cells and healthy cells. With the data generated from this examination, a report of the drugs most efficacious against each type of cell is created. This data is then evaluated in clinical trials.

The organization’s very first drug development program is for pediatric leukemia. It is called ND-1000.

Notable Labs demonstrated their commitment to this cause when they recently announced that they would donate the commercial rights of ND-1000 to a non-profit called Cures Within Reach. They believe that by allowing this organization to manufacture, price, and distribute the drug, patients will be able to receive the drug at a much lower price, which minimizes the financial burden and improves health outcomes.

Cures Within Reach

Cures Within Reach (CWR) is a nonprofit that works to connect drug developers and funders. They aim to repurpose efficacious drugs for rare diseases that they could benefit. To do this, they work to develop economic incentives for drug developers to investigate treatments for rare conditions which currently have an unmet need. Ultimately, the organization’s goal is to accelerate research, improving patient outcomes. They receive support from various philanthropies and the U.S. government. CWR has completed 20 repurposing projects globally and has another 180 selected and ready for funding.


Notable Labs is able to use the Pediatric Priority Review Voucher Program initiated by the FDA to donate ND-1000’s commercial rights. Drugs (like ND-1000) which have been awarded this voucher have financial value to be sold.

The partnership between this non-profit and for-profit is the promising collaboration to improve patient lives. Hopefully, we will see this agreement result in less expensive and more effective drugs for rare patients in the near future.

The first clinical trial of ND-1000 will begin this year at the University of Kansas Cancer Center. This trial is possible thanks to Notable Labs’ partnership with the college.

You can read more about this new collaboration and how it came to be here.

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