Did You Catch Microsoft’s Super Bowl Commercial?

The Super Bowl is obviously a big deal for football fans – but it’s also (for a lack of a better term) the SUPER BOWL of commercials.

Over 100 million worldwide tune into the big game and is considered part of American culture, aka must-watch-TV. Hence, advertisers pay top dollar to get their ads up during the Super Bowl; to get some of those 100 million+ eyeballs on their product.

Which makes the fact that Microsoft used real children living with disabilities – including nine (and a half!) year-old Owen who has Escobar Syndrome – really special, standout, and downright applause worthy.

What is Escobar Syndrome?

Escobar Syndrome – also known as Multiple pterygium syndrome, Escobar type – is characterized by webbing of skin (pterygium) and a lack of muscle movement, which occur before birth. The pterygium typically affects the neck, fingers, elbows, and/or knees.

Those with Escobar Syndrome may also develop a restriction of the joints, known as arthrogryposis, a sideways curve of the spine (scoliosis), and distinctive facial features.

‘We All Win:’ A Touch Down for the Rare Disease Community

The ad spot – titled ‘We All Win’ – was a real highlight. And not only was it great that a major company like Microsoft would feature Owen and other real kids with diseases on such a big platform, but the product Microsoft was advertising is really important.

Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller is designed  to be malleable, meaning it is easily moveable to help gamers who may have lost an arm, or were born with disabilities. This helps kids who ordinarily might not be able to play Xbox or play at a limited capacity feel as immersed and involved as any other kid.

On a night where football rivalries and flashy celebrity endorsements are celebrated, many are saying that Microsoft stole the show.

Way to go, Microsoft!

So if you haven’t seen it already, check out the extended version below!




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