Zero Cater Shares Gut-Friendly Snacks to Add to Your Pantry

We’ve all become a little more in tune to what’s good for our bodies, and what isn’t. Part of that is medical science finally being able to identify our bodily processes and help with a diagnosis when things aren’t working well.

Take the gut: For a long time, many people have suffered with tummies which have reacted badly, but they haven’t been able to figure out why. Now we’re able to identify certain biological causes for stomach troubles, including allergies to things such as wheat and dairy. Those allergies and other tummy troubles upset the delicate balance of bacteria in the gut, which leads to stomach pain.

Even if you don’t suffer from stomach upsets, someone at your work might, and that’s why you need to be cognizant of paying attention to the snacks that you offer. Some snacks help you and anyone with a tummy issue feel better and work better, too. This graphic offers some ideas.

Imsage courtesy of Zero Cater

Check out the source here.

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