Selma Blair Rocks the Oscars Red Carpet in a Cane After her MS Diagnosis

Last year, Patient Worthy featured actress Selma Blair after she announced her multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

While no one is immune to the stresses and challenges of a medical diagnosis (Hollywood stars included!), it is a responsibility to use your voice in any way you can to help the cause, especially if you already have fame on your side.

Well at last night’s Academy Awards, Selma again chose not to shy away from her diagnosis and opted to show how she’s living her best life, MS and all.

What is MS?

MS is a neurological disease that affects the communication between the brain and the rest of the body. A person’s immune system attacks the protective covering of nerve cells known as the myelin sheath. In advanced cases, the nerves can be permanently damaged by the immune system’s attacks.

MS has two main types: relapsing and remitting or progressive. In relapsing and remitting MS, there are long periods of remission before episodes of intense symptoms. Progressive MS cases continues to progress without remission periods and may result in complete loss of daily life function.

To read more about MS, click here.

Cape, Cane, and Courage

Yesterday was the first red carpet appearance for the actress since she revealed her diagnosis back in October.

“She needs a cane to help walk, but she came to prove that no matter how tough this disease, she is a fighter,” wrote Jessica Radloff, the West Coast editor for Glamour who tweeted out a video of Blair on the carpet.

And not that it matters a whole lot, but it’s worth noting how beautiful Selma looked in her cape and gown, posing the house down like the star that she is.

Selma is living and thriving proof that our medical diagnoses do not define us.

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