87 Businesses Across Two Countries Displayed a Purple Light for Sarcoidosis Awareness Last Month


Sarcoidosis is a rare inflammatory condition that causes granulomas to buildup within the organs. These can cause permanent organ damage. While the condition can affect various organs, and presents differently across patients, 90% of those with sarcoidosis have granulomas in their lungs. Some patients experience spontaneous remission, however others face widespread organ failure which can be fatal.

Unfortunately, researchers are still unsure what causes this disease. Likewise, there is yet to be a cure. Patients can face many challenges including fatigue, chronic pain, and side effects from the treatments which keep other symptoms at bay.

There needs to be greater awareness of this condition in order to accelerate research for this disease. The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research is a leading force in that mission.

Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research

The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research (FSR) is a nonprofit organization that was established in 2000 to provide both resources and support for those living with sarcoidosis. Additionally, they help to fund research for sarcoidosis. FSR reaches over 40,000 patients and to date, they’ve provided more than 4 million dollars to sarcoidosis research.

One of their latest initiatives was called Illuminate the Night: Shine a Light on Sarcoidosis. It was one of their main events put on for Sarcoidosis Awareness Month in April.

To get involved with FSR, learn how to volunteer, make a donation, or just to learn more about their latest initiatives, you can visit their website.

Illuminate the Night

Illuminate the Night: Shine a Light on Sarcoidosis took place on April 13, 2019. 87 businesses across both the United States and Canada displayed a purple light to increase public awareness of the condition. These businesses spanned 33 states and included the One World Trade Center in NY.

Besides helping to spread awareness of this condition, this initiative was a great way to show support to the patients and families dealing with sarcoidosis every day.

To see more about this event, search the hashtag #LitForSarc.

You can read more about sarcoidosis and the Illuminate the Night initiative here.

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