Walk the Walk During HAE Awareness Day

Thursday May 16th is HAE Day, when we observes the hopes, struggles, and resilience of the Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) patient community!

What is HAE?

“Angio” means pertaining to blood vessels, and “edema” is swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in the body’s tissues. People who have hereditary angioedema have a genetic defect on chromosome 11 that results in recurring attacks of unexplained, severe swelling (angioedema) underneath the skin. Many things can trigger these attacks, including stress and physical injuries, but the swelling often occurs without a known trigger. Hereditary angioedema affects an estimated 1 in 50,000 people. HAE affects men and women, although women seem to be more symptomatic due to hormonal fluctuations.

To learn more about HAE – including symptoms and treatment options, click here.

HAE Global Walk

HAE International (HAEi) has been organizing the HAE Global walk since 2016, where they registered more than 12,000,000 steps taken by individuals and groups wanting to be part of the global HAE awareness movement.

In 2017 the number of steps grew to more than 21,000,000. And in 2018, they set a new record with over 54,000,000 steps!

Why don’t we go ahead and break that record this year, shall we?

All you gotta do is walk any distance you want wherever you feel like it – on your own or together with others – and report the distance (in miles or kilometers) you walked back. HAEi will then add your steps to all other HAE steps taken around the globe.

What a great way to symbolize that despite the big world, people from across the globe can come together with one single voice, or in this case, steps!

To register and participate, click here!

Let’s get moving for HAE!


How are you supporting HAE Day? Share your stories, thoughts, and hopes with the Patient Worthy community!

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