The PoppyPocket Helps Patients Wear Their Infusion Pumps More Comfortably, Safely, and Confidently

The PoppyPocket

The PoppyPocket is a wearable pocket, created to make wearing infusion pumps and well as other medical devices easier, safer, and more comfortable. It comes with two pockets, one for the device and one to contain the excess tube length. These pockets are attached to an elastic band which straps across the torso.

The band can be attached in four different positions. You can watch an informative video on how to attach the Pocket here. The Pocket can be worn on your chest, waist, side (under your arm), or lower back/upper back. This position can be easily adjusted to suit your lifestyle and activities day-to-day. After the Pocket is in the position you want, you can put your shirt over your pump, just like normal. You can even sleep in your PoppyPocket. Again, depending on how you sleep you can adjust the position of the Pocket so that you are as comfortable as possible. You can wash the Pocket, but you shouldn’t wear it in the shower.

PoppyPockets are secure, yet comfortable. They are made out of latex-free material so those with latex allergies need not worry. While they come in one standard size, you can request an additional piece which simply attaches by velcro to the band, extending its length. They can also be trimmed (without fraying) to fit a smaller frame.

Who are They Good For?

PoppyPocket’s can benefit a wide range of patients. They are perfect for antibiotic devices, chemotherapy devices, pain management devices, and diabetes devices. They work well for Pulmonary Hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, telemetry, and heart monitors.

They can fit a very large range of medical devices and infusion pumps including those designed by Moog, Braun, Eclipse, VME America, Baxter, Hospira, Medtronic, Walk Med, Smith Medical, and others.

They were created so that these devices could be worn discreetly, and without fear of being tangled or getting caught on things. PoppyPocket has been endorsed by doctors, and so far, have reached 1,700 different oncology facilities helping thousands of patients.

How It Came About

Robert Edward Berling (Poppy) was sadly diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2007. Poppy’s daughter Julie founded the company PoppyMed after she saw how her father’s diagnosis impacted his daily life. He was originally given a fanny pack for his chemotherapy infusion pump. However, the tubes kept getting caught- on desks, car doors, and even the bed sheets. It was a struggle just to use the restroom while attached to so many loose tubes. So, Julie set about to find a better way to handle the tubes- the PoppyPocket was born.

The fact that the PoppyPocket makes wearing the pump discreet helped her father feel more comfortable at work and during daily activities. His sleep was also improved because the Pocket ensured his port was properly positioned.

Julie soon realized that her father wasn’t the only one who had this issue. After talking to other patients and medical professionals, she discovered that the Pockets she had created could actually benefit a wide array of patients. Not only had it improved her father’s quality of life, it made the whole process of wearing a pump safer.

Since the founding of PoppyMed, Julie has heard countless patient testimonies of how this simple Pocket has changed their life. They are sleeping better, wearing clothes they couldn’t previously wear, enjoying the activities they’ve always loved, and feeling overall, more dignified.

But Julie didn’t stop with just the Pocket.


“​When you discover that you or a loved one has cancer, it changes everything.”

After her dad’s diagnosis, Julie had a renewed desire to keep her family healthy. She began evaluating all of the products and chemicals her family used to ensure they were as “clean” as possible for her loved ones. As it turns out, she found that very few “clean” products even existed. So, like the PoppyPocket, she decided to make her own. This is how THERAESSENTIALS was formed.

Julie works with a natural healthcare practitioner, a clinical aroma therapist, and a chemist to develop her products. They are organic and free of thousands of harmful ingredients including pesticides, GMOs, glycols, sulfates, silicones, and synthetic chemicals. They are tested by a third-party to ensure their purity.

They have a wide array of essential oils including Cannabis/Hemp Essential oil which has been shown to aid anxiety, digestion, stress, and pain.

As Julie was working to create her products, she was surprised again to find that many nurses and patients were looking for the same thing. Not only did people want “clean” products, they wanted products which would help soothe their symptoms. Many of THERAESSENTIALS products have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial effects.

Julie loves that she has the opportunity to help other patients and families going through similar experiences, as she supports her own family with her products.

You can read more about PoppyPockets and THERAESSENTIALS, and purchase your own here.

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