Personalized Seatbelt Covers Provide Critical Medical Info for Rare Disease Patients in Case of Accident

No one ever likes to think about worst possible scenarios. But sometimes by thinking about these things for a small period of time, we can make simple preparations which could improve these “worse possible scenario” situations drastically.

Most people have heard of medical ID bracelets or necklaces that provide critical medical information in case someone is unresponsive and necessitates medical care. Many rare disease patients have these pieces of jewelry which offer some security and comfort in case of emergency.

A company based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia has just created seat belt covers that serve the same purpose. They can provide an extra sense of security for rare disease patients and their families. Since they are larger than a piece of jewelry, first responders will see the information regarding the patients medical background immediately. They can be especially useful when the patient is someone who is nonverbal because of their condition, deaf, or is likely to resist help.

The company is called Personalized by Nat.

Personalized by Nat

The idea came about because Nat was worried about what might happen if she was unresponsive after a car accident and wasn’t able to tell doctors that her daughter could not have an MRI due to her cochlear implant. She calls them an

“Essential travel companion for your special ones.”

They are perfect for both adults and children, as long as the child is out of a baby care seat. In addition to seat belts, they can also be attached to backpack straps for children attending school. They are comfortable to wear, and are more likely to stay in tact during an accident than say a window sticker as glass is more likely to break during a crash.

They are also particularly useful for patients who are unable to wear a medical identification necklace or bracelet due to allergies, hyper sensitivity, autoimmune conditions, or sensory processing disorders. Ideally, wearing both a piece of jewelry and the seat belt cover would be great, but for those who are unable to wear jewelry for one reason or another, something is always better than nothing.

How to Order

You can order one of the seat belt covers here. Currently they are priced at 15 dollars for one or 25 dollars for two. They can be personalized with whatever saying you like. Some of covers that have been made so far include:

  • “I am deaf. I have a cochlear implant. No MRI.”
  • “I have Autism. I may resist help.”
  • “My name is Shae. I am nonverbal and have epilepsy.”
  • “I have Type 1 Diabetes. Insulin dependent.”
  • “I have Down Syndrome. I may resist help.”
These covers are currently in very high demand so the estimated shipping time is 2 to 4 weeks.

You can check out their Facebook Page for more information, email, or visit the website directly.

What are your thoughts on this idea? Have you heard of something like this before? Share your stories, thoughts, and hopes with the Patient Worthy community!

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