Attend the Rare Disease Diagnostics Summit in Boston This Fall

Mark your calendars!

The Rare Disease Diagnostics Summit is being held in Boston, MA on September 24th and 24th, 2019.

This incredible event will bring together pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, diagnostics, and patient adovcates to help tackle the diagnostic journey; a journey everyone in the rare disease community understands.


Why Should I Attend?

The diagnostic component of genetic rare diseases is the first major milestone of any patient’s journey; therefore it deserves a lot of attention and discussion.

Did you know that on average it takes seven different consultations before an initial referral to a clinical geneticist and a minimum of five years to completely diagnose a patient?

Even more startling, 70-90% of cases go undiagnosed!

The Rare Disease Diagnostics Summit aims to bridge the gap and provide a unique learning opportunity for those who most need it most.

Who Will Be There?

The summit will bring together drug companies, patient advocacies, diagnostic providers, insurance companies, and other key stakeholders to facilitate earlier and better diagnosis of rare genetic diseases.

This event furthermore will enable partnerships between diagnostic and pharma companies for companion diagnostics, provide a platform for industry to build the much-needed relationships with patient advocacies, and facilitate knowledge-sharing on genetic discovery, biomarkers, disease mechanisms, and novel strategies to improve early rare genetic disease diagnosis.

All these important, knowledgeable people in the same room!

Where Do I Sign up?

To learn more details about specific speakers and presentations, the agenda, and mostly importantly – how to attend the event, click here!

This will be an incredible event that will help the rare disease patient community network and gain insight into the diagnostics process that is often overlooked in patient advocacy programs.

Do you have a rare disease story? Share your thoughts with Patient Worthy!

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