Florida State Football Team Hosts Fundraising Event for Rare Disease Research

Any Noles fans? Well, prepare to love them even more.

Last weekend, players on the Florida Statue University Seminoles football team participated in FSU’s annual “Lift for Life” event, which raises funds for rare disease research.

The “Lift for Life” event is also organized by Uplifting Athletes, a national organization that works with student-athletes to raise funds the rare disease community. FSU is a part of Uplifting Athletes’ nationwide network of chapters. They have raised nearly $45,000 in just the last few years.

“Lift for Life and Uplifting Athletes are a special part of Florida State Football. We are all about helping out those who are in need and kids that aren’t able to do the things that they desire,” FSU Chapter President and linebacker DeCalon Brooks said. “My teammates and I are proud to team with Uplifting Athletes to host our 2019 Lift for Life. We find it very fulfilling to raise money for research towards rare diseases. We are proud to help and be a part of tackling rare diseases.”

LIFTING for Life

Oh boy, do they mean lifting! The Lift for Life included:

  • 225-bench press repetitions
  • Obstacle course
  • 100-pound dumbbell holds
  • Trolley pushes
  • Tug of war

There was even one drill that involved blindfolds and tackling dummies!

“It was just a fun event, man,” said FSU receiver Keyshawn Helton. “Our teammates were learning verbal communication. You can’t see anything, so other teammates have to tell them where the other person is. And them listening and them comprehending what we’re saying.”

The team left Saturday proud of what they achieved — and proud that on a Saturday morning in July, 60 of their teammates showed up to support a non-mandatory event.

“It means a lot,” said DeCalon. “Guys just coming in and wanting to come out here and compete and raise money for the rare disease community, rare disease research. It really shows much guys care.”

If you are interested in making a donation, click here!

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