Video of Twin Comforting her Sister Diagnosed with Rare Prader-Willi Syndrome


Although even a regular video of twin baby girls snuggling can be engaging and cute, there are two twin girls in the UK whose bond will warn your heart.

Alice and Verity Castle were both born in 2017. Right after they were born, sister Verity was engaged and “full of life” while her sister Alice was very weak and not responding. She even had to be given a feeding tube because she could not swallow. Finally, after weeks of tests she was diagnosed with Prader-Willi syndrome which can cause developmental and behavioral delays as well as obesity.

Prader-Willi is a genetic disorder that causes specific genes not to work and can show symptoms immediately at birth. Newborns with the syndrome, like Alice, often have weak muscles, trouble feeding, and developmental problems.

This syndrome is the result of part of the father’s chromosome 15 being deleted, which happens during the formation of the egg and sperm. There is currently no cure, but early treatment can help improve the outcome. Children with the syndrome are often constantly hungry which can lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Usually at age three, strict food supervision is required as well as an exercise program.

Alice will likely have to be given a shot of growth hormones daily for the rest of her life.

Alice currently attends therapy every week in order to make the most progress and live the most normal life she possibly can. The biggest motivation to Alice, her mother says, seems to be her loving twin Verity. The two can be seen sharing some sisterly love at this link here.


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