Time4Change: Building a Movement for Careful and Kind Patient Care


Do you want to participate in your wellbeing and in your medical care? Do you want your health care providers to share your data with you?  Do you want to share your data, observations, and photographic evidence with them?  Do you accept responsibility for the activities of daily living that can have a profound effect on your health? Are you frustrated by a medical system that doesn’t allow you to really spend time understanding your patients? Read the Society for Participatory Medicines Manifesto here: https://participatorymedicine.org/manifesto/


Now is the time to join the Society for Participatory Medicine. For the next 8 days, individual membership is only $25, and you will find yourself in the company of likeminded patients, researchers and HCP’s who are thinking about, working, and practicing a better kind of medicine. https://participatorymedicine.org/memberships/

Patient Worthy attended the Society for Participatory Medicine and co-sponsored with the Society a patient to attend and participate – how apt!

We were both warmly received and found the conference “patient worthy” (pun intended).  The theme was” Time4Change: Building a Movement for Careful and Kind Patient Care. ” We heard not only about new movements to make patient data more accessible, but also enjoyed skits, song and dance, and wonderful conversations regarding mental and physical health, as well as the need to deliberately step back and look at the total person in order to obtain their highest quality of life. Physicians and staff are frustrated by the limited time allotted to see each patient and patients are frustrated that they do not have an opportunity to share their stories nor access their data.  Many innovative ideas and were discussed to help develop ways to make health care better for all.

Membership, either individual or corporate, in the Society for Participatory Medicine, provides access to the on-going discussions in this space, as well as to all the archives, and participant contacts. Join today!

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