Editor’s Choice: Finding Hope In Our Strange New World

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These past few weeks have been a lot- for everyone. People in the rare disease community may be struggling with aspects particular to their disease state, like how Coronavirus might interact with their previous diagnosis. Times are hard right now, and we’re sharing a list of articles that we hope might offer some peace or grounding right now. We talk about online therapy options, self-care, and how to prepare for these changes.


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How to Stay Healthy and Happy During Quarantine



Quarantine is hard on a lot of people- both physically and mentally. We still need to do it, but here’s how you can care for yourself during this time. [one_half]


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An Honest Review of Online Therapy for Social Distancing




We’re in a high-stress moment, but going to see a therapist in person might seem like an unnecessary risk. Here are some alternative options.


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Companies are Already Working on Vaccines for COVID-19



There’s a race for this vaccine and we’re watching it with baited breath.


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The Positives of Social Distancing: Focusing on What You CAN Do





We all know there’s a lot of sadness around, but here are some things to be grateful for.

Do you have a rare disease experience of your own? Share with us here.

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