Editor’s Choice: Our New Normal

Hi everyone,

Another week of life in COVID-19 era has passed!
Today we have an article on a potential Coronavirus safety update. Next, we have the release of a new episode of Wait, How Do You Spell That? featuring Taylor Kane. Last but not least, we have an article Tom Seaman wrote years ago about adjusting to life with dystonia– that also may be applicable as we acclimate to our new lives in 2020.


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Is Six Feet Enough Distance to Protect from Coronavirus Transmission?

We’ve been told that 6 feet of distance is safe to prevent COVID-19 spread– but how safe is it?


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Not just carriers ft. Taylor Kane from Remember the Girls

During rare disease week we were able to talk to Taylor Kane– a young leader in rare disease advocacy. We discuss ALD, X-linked carriers, and Taylor’s story on Wait, How Do You Spell That: A Rare Disease Podcast.


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Mindset towards Adapting: Tom Seaman and Scott Davidson Discuss Chronic Illness and Accepting Change

PW Contributor Tom Seaman has written for years about adjusting to sudden life changes. Right now, we’re turning to his articles for advice.

Do you have a rare disease experience of your own? Share with us here.

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