Rare Disease Advocacy Group has Innovative Idea to Raise Awareness Amidst Social Distancing

Gaucher Disease Awareness Month takes place every October, but amidst this new global pandemic, planning has taken place early to figure out how to make the month as successful as possible in this new normal.

Gaucher Community Alliance has come up with an innovative idea during social distancing to help keep the community spirit alive and continue spreading awareness for this rare disease.

Gaucher Community Wheels

The Gaucher Community Alliance is sharing car magnets with their community as a way to increase visibility of the condition throughout the entire month.

They are also asking everyone who displays a magnet to take a picture of the decal and their license plate showing the state they are from to social media. If you don’t own a vehicle, you can also take a picture of the magnet on your fridge and create a sign for your state. Pictures will be shared on the organization’s website and various social sites. Their goal is to have one picture (at least!) from every single state in the United States in addition to every province in Canada.

The more people they get to post a picture, the more word will spread about this condition. Rare disease patients and their families are located all over the country and all over the world.

This simple way to spread awareness is perfect for this unique time of social distancing. There are no concerns about COVID-19 exposure from the comfort of one’s own car.

You can get a “Be Aware of Rare” car magnet here, just by joining the mailing list. The magnets will be sent out in September. You can also become a member of the Gaucher Community Alliance, donate or volunteer.

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