Wear Gold! It’s Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

As reported in Biospace; You probably know that a purple ribbon is used to commemorate cancer, pink for breast cancer, orange for leukemia. What do you know about childhood cancers though? This September, in honor of Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, The V Foundation for Cancer Research has upped their efforts to raise awareness for pediatric cancer, as they are an understudied subset of cancers. While the disease is rare- there are around 15,000 new cases a year- it is the top disease-related cause of death for children in the US after their first birthday. To date, The V Foundation has put $50 million towards the cause, playing a critical role in promoting research and cures through bench-to-bedside research.

Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month
Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month is to recognize the various cancers that emerge in childhood including leukemia, brain and spinal cord tumors, Wilms’ tumors, bone cancer, and more. 
 To showcase the many faces of the disease, the charity will tell the story of different patients and researchers who dedicate themselves to tackling the childhood disease. They will be calling for more funding and attention to research the childhood cancers by hosting charitable events. The grants will then be awarded to specific studies. In Biospace, they reported, “ Two of the grants will fund studies related to DIPG, a universally fatal brain cancer, and the third grant will fund research for solid tumors in children.” The campaign will partner with Dick Vitale and WWE® and be led by the prominent charity, The V Foundation for Cancer Research.
The CEO of the V Foundation, Susan Braun spoke of the pain that comes when a child is diagnosed with cancer, and how hope is absolutely necessary when it happens. She went on to say that the research being conducted here will fuel hope. She firmly stated that they will not stop working until all of the research they are conducting is successful and pediatric cancer is eliminated.
Pediatric cancer receives just 4% of the federal funding for cancer research, making private funding even more vital to the research goals. These charities fundraising efforts have been critical to much of the ongoing pediatric research. This year, Vitale and WWE, the top contributors, have together contributed to three grants totaling $1.8 million.  This September, the pandemic has moved the events online, with the Annual Dick Vitale Gala virtually shown on September 4th. There will also be an online challenge in honor of patient Conner Michael through a partnership between WWE and the V Foundation.

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