Editor’s Choice: A Look Back at 2020

Happy Friday!

It may not be a white Christmas for everyone, but with parts of the U.S. receiving upwards of four feet of snow last week, it’s close enough. Speaking of the holidays, this will be the last Editor’s Choice of 2020! Our staff will be taking a break until the new year, but don’t worry, we’ll still be bringing you the latest rare disease news here at PatientWorthy.com throughout the holidays. We’d like to take a moment to thank you, readers, for being there with us through 2020. It was a tough year for everyone, especially the rare disease community. The Covid-19 pandemic and its economic impacts wreaked havoc on vital medical and social lifelines that many patients rely on each and every day. With vaccines now on their way to medical centers around the world, here’s hoping that 2021 will be better year for everyone. Our promise to you is that we’ll keep working our hardest to bring you the type of rare disease coverage that you deserve: one centered on the patient and their voice. We absolutely couldn’t do this without you.

In the meantime, have a happy and relaxing time during the holidays and we’ll see you all in 2021!

The 20 Most Popular Articles of 2020

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