A New Partnership Will Improve Rare Disease Diagnosis Across the UK

The Partnership

A new partnership has just been announced between Mendelian, a digital health company for rare disease, and Modality NHS partnership, a rare disease diagnosis program. Together, these organizations hope to improve the diagnosis and care of rare disease patients.

The primary aim of this new collaboration is to increase the speed of diagnosis and the effectiveness of care for patients. It also hopes to eliminate under-diagnosis and misdiagnosis.

One out of every 17 individuals living in the UK have a rare condition, and Modality NHS Partnership is currently the largest program in the UK focused on rare disease. The new collaborative framework will allow Mendelin’s technology to improve diagnosis within the practice network that Modality has already established.

Modality’s network supports over 450,000 individuals coming from 45 GP practices. It covers 8 different regions in the country.

Improving Quality of Life

The team hopes that their efforts will lead to an increased quality of life for patients. Getting a diagnosis is the first step in ensuring excellent care for patients. As overwhelming as it can be to hear the words that you have a rare disease, getting the answers faster means faster access to treatment.

Not only can the proper treatment minimize or eliminate patients symptoms, it can slow the progression of their disease, giving them a longer lifespan.

This technological approach can match symptoms from patients to diseases. This means instead of a physician going through all of the common possibilities first, they are driven straight to the rare disease diagnosis.

You can read more about this new collaboration and how it may improve patient lives here.

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