Kohl’s Adaptive Apparel Line Provides Disability Friendly Clothing for Children

Kohl’s has brought a new clothing line whose target audience is rare disease patients. The new clothing includes adaptive options to allow easy access to medical ports and easy dressing. The best part is, it wasn’t only created with patients in mind- it was created with patient input.

The Creation 

Once the decision was made to create this line, the company turned to the experts- the people who would be purchasing the items.

Judy Koepsel is Kohl’s Technical Design Manager for the kids clothing line. She also has a 3 year old daughter who has a developmental disability. Her daughter has unique sensory needs and Judy personally understands the challenges that can come with finding a comfortable outfit for a child like her own.

Judy organized a group of employees who were parents or caregivers for an individual with medical needs or disabilities. This group met regularly with the design team in order to help them understand what types of clothing could improve the lives of those they care for. The clothing needed to be made with quality materials, look good, and be functional.

Th team wanted to make clothing that would-

  • Accommodate a wide range of diapers
  • Be comfortable when the individual is sitting for a long period of time in a wheelchair
  • Have openings in appropriate areas that would assist with accessibility of ports, feeding tubes, etc.
  • Be easy to put on and take off
  • Have usable pockets

Another huge focus was making sure that the clothes were still CUTE. Just because they are accessible, doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable. To accomplish this, the clothing was made to look as similar to the brand’s typical clothing as possible. This includes colors, styles, fabrics, patterns, graphics, and even pocket placement.

Looking Forward 

This clothing line includes the brands SO, Urban Pipeline, and Jumping Beans. They range from baby sizes to those that can fit young adults.

The creative team behind the project continues to collect feedback from their customers. Videos of children confidently wearing the clothing has continued to showcase the benefits of this clothing line. Kohl’s is excited to continue to hear and use the feedback they receive from this adaptive line.

To see the full collection, visit the Kohls website.

You can read more about this initiative here.

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