April 8 is Cushing’s Awareness Day: Spreading Cushing’s Disease Awareness

According to a story from Cushing’s Disease News, the Cushing’s Support and Research Foundation (CSRF) is organizing to support Cushing’s Awareness Day, which takes place on April 8th. A day meant to help spread awareness about Cushing’s disease in the medical community and among the general public, the illness is diagnosed in around 6 million people each year. April 8th is the birthday of Dr. Harvey Cushing, who first described the illness in 1912.

About Cushing’s Disease

Cushing’s disease is a disease that appears as the result of prolonged cortisol exposure. It is a frequent trigger of Cushing’s syndrome. Cushing’s disease is caused by abnormalities that cause the body to release more cortisol than usual, such as a tumor affecting the pituitary or adrenal glands. Cushing’s disease is also associated with diabetes, which is a common comorbidity. The illness can cause a variety of symptoms that appear with Cushing’s syndrome and can become more serious over time, including cerebral atrophy, hypercholesterolemia, rapid weight gain, baldness, mood instability, depression, hirsutism, sexual dysfunction, muscle and bone weakness, menstrual abnormalities, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, sleep problems, immune system suppression, and memory problems. Treatment may include surgery to remove tumors, certain medications, and pituitary radiation therapy. To learn more about Cushing’s disease, click here.

Don’t Miss Out

The CSRF has several different ways for people to get involved in Cushing’s Awareness Day.

  1. The organization is always on the search for people living with the illness that are willing to share the story of their journey as patients. The CSRF is seeking stories from patients that are newly diagnosed in particular.
  2. The CSRF has recently created their own Instagram page and are looking for content. They are seeking patient photos and captions, which should be submitted to [email protected]. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CushingsAwarenessDay. They also encourage photos of patients wearing the group’s ‘cortisol’ and ‘brain’ shirts, which can be purchased from the CSRF Bonfire store.
  3. CSRF is looking for video submissions for Instagram as well. Videos should be 50 seconds or less and should consist of a brief ‘elevator speech’ about living with Cushing’s disease or anything that you want the community to hear.
  4. Diagnosis can be difficult in this disease, so if you had a positive diagnostic experience, the CSRF would also like to know the name and contact info for the physician, who will be added to their list of doctors.

The following week the CSRF will host a Zoom discussion intended to focus on the needs of the Cushing’s disease community. Click here to sign up.

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