Michael Williams Given National Award for his Work in Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Michael E. Williams from the University of Virginia has just been awarded the Mantle Cell Lymphoma Leadership Award by the Lymphoma Research Foundation. This award represents not only his dedication to improving patient care, but his dedication toward research development for new treatments for MCL, mantle cell lymphoma.

Lymphoma Research Foundation

The Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) is dedicated to supporting the research of lymphoma through funding, education programs, patient services, and various forms of outreach.

The LRF’s financial contributions to researchers have lead to improved therapies and thereby, patient outcomes. At the time of writing, the foundation has provided over 67 million dollars in funding for research specifically for lymphoma.

You can read more about this foundation and its mission here.

Michael E. Williams

Michael E. Williams, MD, is currently the Associate Director at the UVA Cancer Center. He is also the first Chair of the Mantle Cell Lymphoma Consortium which includes 150 scientists working on research for MCL.

Williams has been paramount to MCL research. Perhaps his most notable accomplishment was the development of an improved way to diagnose the condition. He discovered the main molecular alteration in MCL which allowed a more specific method for diagnosis. Additionally, this discovery allows for a better method to test new therapies. In turn, there was a significant improvement in the therapeutic options for patients.

More therapeutic option means improved patient outcomes and patient survival.

His research has helped to support the LRF’s education programs as well as patient resources. It actually led to the development of the official research program of the foundation. Now, LRF is one of the biggest private funders for research for MCL.

Williams’ other research areas include non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. He focuses on both immunotherapies and targeted agents.

Williams is a part of many research groups and advisory councils in both the United States and Europe.

It is dedicated researchers like Williams, and organizations like the LRF, that lead to improved outcomes for research and better futures for patients.

You can read more about this award and Williams’ contributions here.

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