New Social Media Campaign for Diabetic Gastroparesis Provides Patients Resources and Community

Evoke Pharma focuses on gastrointestinal disease treatments. Eversana helps to provide commercial services for the life science industry. The two companies have just joined together to launch a social media campaign which will help to educate patients and unite the community.

This campaign is specifically for patients diagnosed with diabetic gastroparesis (DGP).

Facebook Pages

There are currently two Facebook pages launched. First, there is a Gimoti Facebook page. This page promotes awareness of GIMOTI, which is a nasal treatment option that can provide symptom relief for DGP patients. This treatment can be especially advantageous for patients who don’t respond to other therapies.

This treatment is currently the only FDA-approved treatment via nasal spray of metoclopramide available for this patient population. It is specifically indicated for those with acute and recurrent disease.

Second, there is a community page titled DGP-n-Me: Diabetic Gastroparesis Support. This page provides a variety of support for patients including advice and educational resources. It helps patients find information and discuss their experiences with others going through the same thing.

The Gap

Social media is an incredible way to support many types of patients and build community.

This specific patient population often lives for years with symptoms before receiving their diagnosis. This path to diagnosis does not uncommonly take five years. This means for years patients are living without treatment, with confusion, and with no answers.

However, the problem does not stop there.

Following diagnosis, many patients still do not receive the proper educational support. That means they are not aware of currently available treatments or other strategies they may employ to manage their symptoms. They are left to Google answers and often cannot find the resources they need.

The goal of these Facebook pages is to empower patients and provide information which would otherwise be difficult to find.

Additionally, they will help to spread awareness of this condition and the experiences of patients.

You can read more about this social media campaign and nasal spray option for DGP here.

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